Why Fiber Optics are the Best Choice for Your Business

Delta Intellicom Fiber Optics
Choosing fiber optics for your business will allow you to be more productive with a faster and more stable connection.

We all know that speed is key when it comes to the internet. Whether you’re online gaming against friends or strangers, lag and a slow connection could be the difference between winning and losing. The internet isn’t just for fun, however. Slow internet can also hinder your ability to work remotely, make you look bad during video conferences in front of customers and coworkers, and be really frustrating. Even in the office, where most businesses have access to business-grade internet connections, slow speeds can be a problem. So how do you solve these issues? Fiber Optic internet could be the solution you’re looking for for your small business network. Read on to learn about fiber optics and why they are the best choice for your business.

What are Fiber Optics?

If your only association with fiber optics is limited to those light-up kids’ toys with the bristles at the end, don’t be ashamed, but know that it is so much more than just that. Fiber optics is a technology that uses super-thin filaments of glass made of translucent material to transmit light along. Yes, just like the light of those toys gets carried out to the sparkly looking tips of the filaments.  Fiber optics allows for the transmission of data as well as visual examination (it has medical applications). 

Are They Faster?

When compared to the alternatives of DSL and copper cable, fiber optics is amazingly fast. This is in part because fiber optics allows for greater bandwidth. Part of what slows down most internet is the number of users and applications all trying to access the same signal. Have you ever worked from home with a great signal all day, until your family and neighbors get home and everyone starts streaming? That is because there isn’t enough bandwidth for all of the users. Fiber optics allows for much greater bandwidth. The other thing that makes fiber optics faster is what is moving along it – electricity moves along copper wires more slowly than light moves along glass filament.

Are They Stronger?

The signal strength that you receive with fiber optics is also stronger. There is no signal degradation as it moves along the cable and there is less latency. This means that you don’t have to worry about data loss or corruption from transmission.

Are They More Expensive?

Fiber optic internet is not inherently more expensive for the service. The installation and materials to have it can be expensive, but those costs are going down as it becomes more popular. Once you factor in the cost savings associated with faster speeds and increased productivity, it becomes a wash in terms of cost. Additionally, fiber optics is scalable as your business grows, without additional expense. 

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