Are Landline Telephones Still Relevant for Businesses?

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Landline telephones can seem like old-school tech that isn’t worth paying for, but they still provide several important benefits for businesses.

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to cut costs and decrease overhead. But you don’t want to cut out things that are really important to your employees or vital to the way you do business. The point of cost-cutting is to improve profit margins – and decreasing productivity hinders that goal.  So if a tool, process, or service is vital to your employees’ workflow and productivity, you need to keep it. But does that include your “landline” telephone?  With nearly everyone now having cell phones, and much business communication happening on internet video conferencing, it feels like a traditional phone system might be more than a little outdated.  Is a landline telephone even relevant for business anymore?

Security Of Business Data

If you don’t have a landline, you are likely relying on mobile phones. Whose phone? If you have employees use their personal phones, then your business is only as secure as their phones (not very, for most of us). If you’re buying cell phones for employees to use, you’re still at risk if they get lost or stolen.

That Work-Life Balance

With so many people still working from home, it can be hard to find the line between where work stops and life starts, but the work-life balance is still important – maybe more than ever. This is even harder to juggle when your work phone is also your personal cell phone, and when you’re giving your personal cell phone number to clients and customers to reach you. This could be solved by giving employees a business-owned cell phone, but then you’re asking them to carry and track another piece of equipment all the time (also, your business has to pay for that). Additionally, it doesn’t change the fact that they could still be receiving calls well after work and business hours have ended.


The modern landline offers so much functionality, often including call logging, call screening, call forwarding, integration with other systems and software, and more. These systems are cost-effective and scalable for when your business expands in the future. 

How Traditional Is Your Phone System?

The bottom line is that the effectiveness of your landline phone system depends on its age and your business. If it is still a handset jacked into a wall, it is likely not actually helping your business. If it is a modern multi-function business phone system, you may just not be using it to its full functionality.

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