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Enterprise PBX

Enterprise PBX is geared toward the larger corporate entities, with multiple geographically separated branch offices. Allowing these branch offices to be administered remotely, share resources, and exist as a single entity.

Avaya’s Enterprise PBX hails from a rich history as the Nortel CS1000. Avaya’s deep commitment to support and further develop the line has resulted in an amazing product, rich in features and now much easier to manage.


Leveraging a proud history in PBX from it’s Nortel purchase, Avaya has been able to take this once thought to be legacy product to a whole different level. Avaya’s CS1000 platform has proven to be both resilient and reliable. Avaya has taken the entire platform to another level by integrating it’s Aura platform, Communications Manager System, and it ever growing applications vendors that certify interoperability with the platform.

Cost savings can be huge in this Enterprise environment by using VoIP trunks between site, thus bypassing the common carrier and leveraging a data network already in place. To read more about the Avaya Communication Server 1000 check Delta IntelliCom’s CS1000 page.

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