Voice Over IP: Crucial to Telecommuting Success

Plenty of businesses have already turned to voice over IP solutions to enable the best work from telecommuting workers. These are workers who work remotely, either at home, while on travel, or anywhere else away from their office phone and computer. Telecommuting offers flexibility to businesses and employees. Companies can save money on leasing physical office space and attract workers from a greater talent pool. Employees get the flexibility of working outside of the typical office-environment and cuts out the hassle of commuting to work. Telecommuting is the way of the future, and voice over IP provides the best tools to support a company’s remote workforce.

Fast and Reliable Communication

Enabling communication over the internet means voice over IP phone and data services are more reliable than ever. Beyond making phone calls, most platforms support video conferencing, direct messaging, file sharing, call management, and so many more cloud-based phone features. VoIP phone systems boast high uptimes throughout the telecommunications industry, meaning you won’t need to worry about failing service.

Supports Collaboration

Not only do voice over IP solutions create a seamless working experience for individuals from their phone and computer, but it translates just as smoothly when collaborating with colleagues on projects. While many employees are separated by distances when remote working, features like video calls and real-time file sharing enable team members to stay connected even when physically apart.

Travel for Business Work

Connecting personal devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops to your voice over IP network lets remote workers who travel frequently stay connected as well. Whether traveling across the city, state, or country, the individual can access email, messages, phone lines, and other critical business information from their portable device. 

Keeping Information Secure

Accessing sensitive company data or files from unfamiliar WiFi networks can leave your business vulnerable to hackers who are looking for ways to infiltrate your business network. When remote workers use voice over IP to share data and make calls, all transmitted data can stay secure. By using a VPN, or “virtual private network,” with your VoIP system, the information you access and share over your business’s network gets safely encrypted during data delivery. The data sent across your network will be for intended eyes and ears only.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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