Managing High Call Volume to Small Business Phone System

Telecommunication and a business’ network is the backbone by which a small business can serve their customers. When a business’ customer base grows, it is only logical that their over-the-phone support would be in higher demand. Any failures or slowdowns when serving customers via these systems can result in negative consequences for a business. Even if an upgrade is not possible, there are a few things a company can do to help mitigate a higher demand on its telecommunication system.

Understanding the Problem

The first step to handling a high call volume for your business is understanding how it happens. This means knowing the times of the day when high call volumes might overwhelm your small business phone system. Does the high call volume tend to occur after the workday and in the evening when customers get off work? Maybe call volume spikes during the day when your clients’ businesses require your own services. It can also be useful to understand the common reasons for customers calling your business. Is it to schedule an appointment, or perhaps to simply receive an update for an ongoing service? You may benefit from implementing alternative methods of handling these types of customer requests.

Utilizing New Technology

A higher call volume can require more robust telecommunication systems to supplement the already existing small business phone system. When adding supplementary phone systems, consider making use of a cloud-based phone system. There are numerous benefits to doing so, such as using key features like automated voice to text software and user-friendly IT tools for managing calls and call routing.

In conjunction with a cloud-based approach, configure your small business phone systems using WAN technology. This allows for new physical phone systems in different locations, relieving a potential upgrade constraint. You will be able to connect several small business phone systems into one larger, more reliable network. 

Furthermore, updating your physical phones to IP-PBX equipment can maximize the benefits of cloud-based phone systems and WAN technology. All of these technologies are no-brainers for increasing the sustainability and outreach of your small business.

Providing Service Through Alternative Methods

When a business is experiencing a high volume of calls, consider servicing customers through a FAQ page or a self-service site. This alternative method of helping customers can reduce the load on your telephone operators while still fulfilling your customers’ needs in a low-cost way. This supplementary site should contain basic or essential information about the core services your business provides. A common approach is to tell customers about this FAQ or self-service site via your business’ automated telephone messages and recommend they visit it. A best-case scenario is when your customer finds the information they need quickly and efficiently.

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