Making Sure Your VoIP System is Secure

A voice-over-internet protocol, often shortened to VoIP system, is an amazing achievement of the telecommunications industry and plays a pivotal role in most office or business settings. While most VoIP systems come with many security measures already in place, many people these days have concerns when it comes to privacy as well. Luckily, the average VoIP system can be equipped with additional security measures. Want to learn more? This is the blog for you!

Use an Approved SAAS VoIP System

SAAS stands for software as a service. It is often software that manages all phone calls made and received by the VoIP system as well as performing additional functions such as recording if needed. Many SAAS systems are custom programmed to fit the needs of the business, and many programs offer lots of security measures. If your business requires more security than normal, try using a custom-programmed SAAS system for your phone calls rather than a standard edition.

Use a Firewall-Enabled Router

Sometimes hackers and phishers will look for your IP address and steal information directly from your router. However, powerful routers enabled for use with a VoIP system can be installed with a firewall to prevent this from happening. Just make sure to bypass your VoIP system for approval through the firewall, and be wary of any other suspicious programs. 

Keep All VoIP System Software Updated

Software needs to update for a reason, as developers can close important security-related loopholes and fix bugs they find that could lead to a less effective VoIP system. Making sure to update every so often is a great idea to keep everything running smooth and secure. 

Encrypted Data

Encrypted data essentially means that your website activity will not be stored in a cache or any other way on a website, keeping yourself secure. The same concept can be applied to a VoIP system since it is using the Internet. Keeping data safe on both ends should be a priority. That way, the only time the data can be accessed is if something legally goes wrong.

Use a Reputable VoIP Provider

The most important aspect to think about in terms of security is making sure to use an experienced and reputable VoIP system provider like Delta Intellicom. When attempting to install a system DIY, you may have no idea how to take the preemptive security measures, much less know how to install any additional requested add-ons. Therefore, leave the installation to a reliable installation company with lots of experience. 

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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