How Telecommunications and the Media Work Hand-in-Hand

In the 90s, many people were speculating that the Internet would cause a whole new era of media production and consumption due to the capability of easy access. A quarter of a century later, these theorists would be correct, but in a way, no one would have expected. Nowadays, the Internet and the media are completely intertwined– but the telecommunications industry also plays a huge role. This is especially noticeable over the past year and a half as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Want to learn how the telecommunications industry and media are inseparable? Read this blog to learn more.

Anytime, Anywhere Mentality

In the old days, we were used to waiting. Waiting on the nightly television news program to start and waiting for the Sunday paper. Or even just waiting for a business phone call after being given a time range. Thanks to the Internet and advances in technology, everything has become almost instantaneous. Websites spend many hours making them fast so as not to lose people’s interest as attention spans grow lower and lower. This also has to do with the telecommunications aspect of media virtual meetings and conferences. People have made entire careers over streaming platforms that are all made possible using telecommunications technology in syndication with the Internet. 

Personalized Telecommunications Experiences

Another way the media and the telecommunications industry work together is by creating personalized experiences, often through the use of artificial intelligence and voice recognition software. For example, a lot of contact center technology utilizes AI software to help alleviate the number of phone calls employees will have to answer. For example, many automated systems use voice patterns to identify answers to commonly asked questions with simple, upfront solutions and also help to cut down on pranks or spam calls. The more complex inquiries then are redirected to call center employees. This sort of filtering would not be possible without telecommunications technology. 

Aiding in Business Growth

Without the Internet or telecommunications, the media could not have grown to where it is today. For example, music and video streaming services have become some of the hottest technical program types just over the last five years. The instantaneous and customizable nature of these types of programs has made streaming into a wholly separate and rapidly growing industry. In addition, the development of 5G phone data connections has rapidly increased internet speeds and total network bandwidth requirements. This is so important for the world today that it needs to stay constantly connected to keep everything running smoothly. We can only thank the telecommunications industry for this feat. 

Telecommunications Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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