Hold an Effective Conference Call

In the world of business, a conference call is an everyday occurrence for most companies. A conference call is a way for teams to discuss projects, collect information from a client, and keep your bosses informed. While a conference call is nothing new in the business world, an effective conference call can be hard to hold at times. An effective conference call is one that leaves every participant feeling confident in the task at hand. An ineffective conference call will leave team members feeling stressed and confused.

Holding an effective conference call begins with planning and preparation. Plan your conference call for a time when everyone involved will be available to dedicate their time to the call. Having distracted participants can delay and sideline the conference call. Before team members participate in the call, everyone should be well informed about the purpose of the call. Time is typically wasted on explaining the purpose of the call to some participants who aren’t prepared. As this is taking place, other participants disengage from the conference call, making it difficult to get back on track.

Once the conference call is taking place, respect and patience are essential. Participants must respect when others are talking and avoid talking over one another. There should be one individual in charge of the conference call. This individual will help to keep the call on track and help guide the discussion. This will help keep an effective conference call. Once the call is over, all participants should take the time to review the details of the call. An effective conference call will make it easy for participants to review their notes and begin the task at hand.

An effective conference call can only be as effective as the phone system being used to conduct the call. At Delta Intellicom, we strive to provide phone products from brand name suppliers that allow businesses to hold an effective conference call.

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