An Overview of PBX Systems

The private branch exchange, otherwise known as PBX system, is a telephone network used by businesses. It features a set of hardware and software used to manage and route incoming and outgoing calls. It also includes some important features that businesses use to help maintain their communication with customers. Of all the available phone systems and technologies, you’ll want to find a system that helps you achieve your goals by facilitating communication with your customers and business partners. Read this quick guide to learn all about the basics of how PBX works and how it can benefit your company.  

Different Types

PBX phone systems come in a few different types, starting with analog. This type is ideal for businesses that don’t have big plans for expansion. It’s compatible with most basic phones and comes with limited features. It works with an external connection to the public telephone network. Another type of on-premise, which provides some advanced call features that are fully customizable. On-premise allows for the configuration of VoIP connections and analog lines at your own pace. The third system is hosted PBX, which provides the advantage of moderate customizations with low upfront and monthly costs. It works with a business LAN network as the connection point between your internal equipment and the public switched telephone network or PSTN.

Benefits for Businesses

The PBX system will essentially allow you to create a call center for your business. It gives you better control over the management of your customer support team. It even makes it so that all of your representatives don’t have to be based at the same location. You can also switch between users and departments to maintain better communication with customers. Another perk of the infrastructure is enhanced productivity in terms of workforce management. Features including call recording, metrics, and statistics will help you better serve the needs of your customers.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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