Who Knew These Cool Facts About Telephones?

In the next few years, telephones will be celebrating their 150th birthday! And boy have they come a long way in that time! Phones have truly shaped the world around us in a way no other technology has. We’ve seen huge developments when it comes to phones that seem to get more and more interesting around every decade or so. Who knew that a simple way of communication over an electric wire would quite literally revolutionize the world and keep us connected globally? To show appreciation for our telecommunication industry best friends, here are some fun facts all about telephones.


The First Phone Call Ever Made

We all learned in history class that Alexander Graham Bell invented telephones in 1876. However, a lesser-known fact has to do with the very first successful phone call. It was March 10th, 1876, and on this day, Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson wanted to try out their invention. So, Bell dialed up Watson’s corresponding phone number and started speaking. The very first phone call was these simple words:

“Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.”

Who knew that this singular sentence would eventually provide a network for businesses, corporations, and just everyday people to maintain clear communication in real-time today?

The First Phone Book

Two years after the first telephone call, telephones started to be sold as consumer items. However, the word did not spread as quickly as it does now, and the initial telephones were extremely expensive, so not many people or businesses could afford one. Therefore, when the very first phone book was published in 1878, it was actually only 20 pages long! And this consisted of just about every telephone owner in America at that time. Now, just about everyone in America owns a personal smartphone, and every business has its own secure phone system!

People Hate the Text-Call Combo

When fax machines were first developed, if you couldn’t be reached by your employer’s telephones, it was normal to send a fax for more solid proof of reference. In more modern times, people have learned to send texts instead. However, some people still use the old-fashioned fax style of texting or emailing a written request when someone does not answer right away and following up immediately with a call. While this was a perfectly acceptable means of getting in touch via telephones in the fax days, nowadays many people consider that rude or pushy. Your best bet? If someone leaves you “on reading,” make sure to give it a few before following up with a phone call in non-emergencies. 

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