What You Need To Know About Advancements in VoIP Security

Because so many modern companies rely primarily on technology,  it can be challenging to work without the ready use of the internet. However, with this reliance on both technology and the internet to operate, comes the additional concern that you are potentially putting the security of your company at risk. In the current, digital age, there are few concerns more significant than the protection of your company. Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is becoming a new standard in communications as many companies are quickly adopting it as a significant tool. If you are utilizing VoIP and benefiting from the many advantages that come along with it, then you should also know these important details about VoIP security.

VoIP Security is Rapidly Growing

Now that VoIP is becoming increasingly more common around the world, it has also become a target of outside threats. Hackers are trying to develop sophisticated ways of hacking VoIP systems. However, this will prove to all be a wasted effort on their front. VoIP security is continuously growing since it is known to be a target for hackers, with VoIP security being considered one of the top priorities to focus on in the industry. VoIP security advancements can be seen in the development of firewalls, spam filtering, and other means of virus and malware protection.

Focus on Authentication, Authorization, and Encryption

One of the best VoIP security measures to practice is making sure to utilize the need for authentication, authorization, and encryption. As VoIP operates using broadband Internet connections, make sure the Ethernet switch ports work with known MAC addresses and password protecting cryptographic keys. You should also be encrypting media streams and signaling protocols, and challenge-response protocols as a means of authenticating phones over servers for added VoIP security.

Remember Attacks are Not Solely Digital

Another critical part of VoIP security to keep in mind that attacks do not always have to be digital. You need to remember you will have to defend against physical attacks for your VoIP security. This consideration also means you will have to limit access to network hardware relevant, authorized people and no one else who may potentially harm your VoIP security.

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