What Are PBX Systems?

The options for business phone systems are designed to give owners and managers the necessary tools for success. Having the ability to communicate effectively with both business partners and clients enables you to spread the message of your brand, fill orders, and expand your business. The PBX phone system is one option that has emerged in recent years because of its benefits and flexibility. Read on for more information about PBX systems, what they are, and how they work.

What is PBX?

PBX is short for Private Branch Exchange, and it’s a system that uses software to connect multiple lines within an office. While some businesses still enjoy the traditional nature of using an operator, even more, have chosen more modern options that involve computers.

How It Works

The software that PBX phone systems use involves a computer that switches calls from one line to another throughout the office. Digital signals convert to analog with the use of outside telephone services. Many businesses find PBX to be an attractive option because they remove the need to use multiple phone lines and transfers. This convenience results in a reduction of expenses as you’ll no longer need a dedicated employee to transfer those calls. Furthermore, PBX is easily expandable to grow at the same rate as your business.


There are four different types of PBX phone systems. Traditional PBX systems use traditional landlines to connect multiple phone lines and extensions. Out of all the four types, this version of PBX requires the most equipment for set up and maintenance. The next type integrates PBX and VoIP (Voice over internet protocol). The marriage between PBX and VoIP uses an internet connection to compress call data into digital packets, which limits the system by internet bandwidth rather than the number of phone lines. Hosted PBX systems use an off-site VoIP provider that sends calls over a network. Finally, virtual PBX systems put the responsibility of housing and set up the exchange in the hands of a separate, outside company, which creates less work for the business.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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