What to Know About Call Queuing

 What to Know About Call Queuing delta intellicom
One of the many benefits of using a call center is call queuing.

Providing excellent customer service is the goal of every business, and there are many ways to accomplish it. Working with a call center is one way to improve your response time, boost overall customer experience, and improve your metrics. One of the many benefits of using a call center is the ability to utilize call queuing. What exactly is call queuing, and how can it help provide a better customer experience?

What Is Call Queuing? 

Over the course of a single day, a call center can receive thousands of calls from different people in need of assistance. As a result, to provide the best customer service, tools like call queuing may need to be utilized. When you get many calls simultaneously, they will be put into a queue, and people will be helped in the order they called in. This keeps things organized for call center workers and helps customers feel they are progressing toward being heard.

How Does Call Queueing Work? 

The call queuing process is relatively straightforward at a customer service call center. First, one of your customers will call in and be connected to an automated system. The system will play a welcome message and give the customer various options to route their call to the correct place. Next, once the customer selects, they will be placed into the call queue. At this point, they also receive their estimated wait time. The calls will then be distributed to the customer service agents based on rules of your choice, including things like the agent’s level of expertise or who has been on hold for the longest. 

What Are the Signs You Could Benefit from Call Queueing? 

  • Your business fluctuates over the course of the year, and you experience long call cues during different seasons.
  • You have a limited number of agents who can answer customer service calls.
  • You do not currently have effective call management capabilities in place
  • Your wait times are extremely long

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