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Avaya / Nortel Business Communication Manager

Avaya / Nortel Business Communication Manager (BCM) is the award-winning Linux based IP/TDM PBX convergence system that delivers excellent productivity-driving unified communications (UC) capabilities, proven and reliable voice processing, and an extensive range of feature-rich business telephony applications. This small and medium business solution is available in more than 120 countries world-wide and is ideal for companies looking for a business communications solution that delivers advanced unified communications and telephony capabilities and benefits to the small medium enterprise.

Product Details
Comprehensive. Expandable. Scalable.

Whether you’re a small office of five users, a medium sized business with 300 users, or a number somewhere in between, Business Communication Manager delivers a complete end-to-end communications solution to match your unique business needs. BCM now offers one common feature-rich software stream on two purpose-built hardware platforms: the Business Communication Manager 50 and the Business Communication Manager 450. Designed with ease of use in mind, both products include a common, user-friendly, browser-based management platform.

Flexible and feature rich Business Communication Manager delivers converged voice and data communications, simultaneously supports any mix of IP and digital clients, and provides best-in-class industry capabilities, including advanced unified communications such as federated presence, FindMe/FollowMe, Message Forwarding and more.


Built-in applications value Business Communication Manager supports a wide variety of clients and phones and is fully loaded with an extensive suite of applications including telephony, mobility, unified communications, productivity applications, open interfaces and toolkits — all of which can be activated easily through a simple KeyCode.


End-to-end IP solution with integrated SIP trunking
Through its support for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking, Business Communication Manager offers comprehensive interoperability with converged IP access services from SIP carriers and Internet Telephony service providers.


Accelerated customization
The Business Communication Manager Developer Ecosystem enables businesses to build specialized applications from a broad “collection” of third-party development companies. Through an extensive ecosystem of more than 50 companies, your company can develop niche products and services to differentiate you from the competition.

Integrated UC Applications
Provides applications such as MeetMe Conferencing Portal (for more productive conferences and web client control), InTouch, FindMe/FollowMe (available with both digital and analog facilities), remote worker capabilities (including built-in VPN client for 1120/1140 IP phones and a softphone option) and technology advances such as VoIP, SIP Trunking, simplified network and MACs (moves, adds and changes), and the comprehensive benefits of a converged communications solution designed for Small Medium Enterprise (SME).
Benefit: Reduces business communications costs.

Multi-site Management
Multi-site locations are easily managed through a simple central integrated remote management and administration solution. Business Communication Manager removes the cost and time associated with having to administrator every site on location.
Benefit: Centralizes and simplifies the network


Reliability and Redundancy
Delivers an all-in-one business continuity solution through enhanced redundancy options and helps to ensure critical communications infrastructure, providing peace of mind.
Benefit: Provides peace of mind from “always on” communications.


Layered Security
Extensive, multi-layered security enables Business Communication Manager to withstand network attacks such as computer worms, viruses, online fraud and other cyber attacks whether from the Internet or within the organization. BCM supported security protocols include:

  • Access authentication and authorization
  • RADIUS authentication
  • Account and Password management with multiple privilege levels
  • Comprehensive audit trail including tracking of configuration changes
  • Encrypted access and secure interface (SSL, SSH, HTTPS)
  • PAP, CHAP, MSCHAPv2 for Modem PPP remote access
  • Platform hardening and file integrity checking
  • Digitally signed software updates and backup files
  • SIP trunk authentication
  • IP Sec VPN tunnel termination (with BCM50e/be)
  • Firewall with content filtering (with BCM50e/be)
  • Network Address Translation (with BCM50e/be)
  • Benefit: Protects the business

This system is ideal for companies that want to streamline internal operations, improve remote communications, increase employee productivity, reduce costs, and enhance customer service. Business Communications Manager delivers a common browser-based management platform that delivers unified communications capabilities, proven and reliable voice processing, and an extensive range of feature-rich business telephony applications.


Unified MessagingBusiness Communication Manager 450 consolidates voice, fax and email messages onto users’ PCs, laptops or PDAs, managing them through one standard application such as Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. Important messages are sent and received regardless of device – a time saver and productivity booster.


Message Forwarding
Voice, fax, or text messages can be forwarded to client email and PDAs. Users can attach a WAV file to email and play the voice message or see a fax message. Its simple to install with no add-on client software or firmware required.


Meet-Me Conferencing
Reduce expenses by eliminating the need for external services. Parties can easily establish a teleconference for up to 120 participants using the CEC, with 60 simultaneous participants on one conference. A rich set of user controls enables the “chairperson” to start, stop, secure and control the conference.


SIP Trunking SupportBusiness Communication Manager 450 offers SIP trunking to enable businesses to simplify their network through convergence and achieve significant cost savings. BCM 450 SIP trunking interoperability is available through a number of industry leading service providers.


Computer Telephony Integration
CTI is simple to activate, set up, and manage. Third-party, PC-based applications can be used to control telephone services, such as a click-to-call company directory or automatic screen “pops” of a customer’s account status alongside a customer’s call.


Integrated Intelligent Contact Center
With this capability, businesses can direct clients and customers to the right contact quickly to increase customer satisfaction and agent productivity. Advanced reporting and multimedia applications maximize customization and flexibility.


This capability enables simultaneous ringing of up to five external devices (cell-phone, PDA, etc.) when a call is received by a desk phone on the Business Communications Manager system. It supports active call hand-off back and forth between different devices. Users can customize forwarding schedule based on time-of-day and day-of-week.

This product has been manufacturer discontinued but is still supported by our technical staff. Please contact us if you need support with your existing system.

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