Tips for Securing Your Wireless Network

Your wireless network is one of the most vulnerable access points in your home. Hackers have discovered a myriad of ways to get your personal information through your wireless network. Make sure that all your devices and users have secure access to the internet by following these tips.

Customize Your Network

Once you setup your router, many people leave the settings in the default mode. One of the first steps to securing your wireless network is customizing your router admin name and password. Make it complicated by using letters, numbers, and special characters. The username and password that come with your router are public, which would make it incredibly easy for a hacker to figure out.

Install Firewalls

Don’t forget to activate your router’s built-in firewall and, for extra security, install firewall security on your laptops and desktops. Depending on your version of Windows, your PC may have also come with a built-in firewall. Be sure to activate that as well.

Install Updates

Outdated firmware becomes a vulnerable point in your wireless network as hackers are constantly learning new ways to infiltrate these systems. Ensure that your firmware is updated to the latest settings. Plus, with updated firmware, you’ll experience new features and faster internet speed.

Use a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network and plays an instrumental role in keeping your wireless network protected and secure. It uses a third-party server to further protect your information from the internet and helps keep it out of the hands of hackers. It prevents potential hackers from seeing your internet traffic and habits.

Disable WPS

It may sound like a secure system, but the WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup could leave your network open and vulnerable to hacking. The WPS makes it easier to pair devices with your router, which also makes it easier for unwanted guests to access your network as well. Turn off this feature and give yourself more control over who has access to your wireless network.

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