Inbound vs. Outbound Call Center Services: What’s the Difference?

Inbound vs. Outbound Call Center Services: What's the Difference? delta intellicom
Call center services are a great tool to ensure each call is answered professionally.

Your business phone system is an important avenue for communication between you and your current and potential customers or clients. That’s why having a phone that isn’t answered is a potential liability! You’ve got people calling you; if you don’t respond, they may just call your competition instead. This is why many businesses opt for a call center to handle incoming calls. Call center services are a great tool to ensure each call is answered professionally as soon as it comes in. But when most people think about a call center, you’re actually picturing an outgoing call center – cold calls to clients and annoying dinnertime interruptions. What’s the difference between inbound and outbound call centers? Let’s explore that.

Inbound Call Centers

Inbound call center services are for receiving calls from customers and clients. The primary function of these representatives is to listen and answer questions or solve issues. To this end, scripts are sometimes useful but just as often irrelevant. The major purpose of an inbound call center is to improve customer service. Studies have shown that most consumers still prefer to use the phone to contact a business, and they typically expect to reach a living person within 5 minutes of attempting contact, even if that person is not the exact individual they need to speak to. Having a call center that can also route calls to your employees (either as an in-house call center or through the cloud and your VoIP phone system) can help achieve this expectation. 

Outbound Call Centers

Outbound call centers are call center services that get a bad reputation. These services make calls to customers, typically for sales or marketing reasons. Outbound call centers may use autodialers or other software to reach potential customers, and as a marketing tool, are still one of the most effective ways to attract new leads. The service representative at an outbound call center requires a more outgoing personality, since their task is to lead the conversation, and these agents tend to be much more likely to rely on scripts. Finally, the benefits of an outbound call center are different than for an inbound call center: outbound call centers generate leads and provide data about potential customers. 

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