Choosing the Right Phone System For Your Business

Choosing the Right Phone System For Your Business delta intellicom
Each business has different needs, but there are a few considerations to consider when shopping around for a new business phone system.

Just about every business these days relies on its business phone system, including small businesses. It’s a stark change from even just a few years ago, when everyone was using a legacy business phone system that required plenty of wires and hardware strewn about the office. Now, even mom-and-pop shops are picking a modern business phone system to work with.

Since everyone uses a business phone system these days, you may wonder how to pick the right one. Each business has different needs, but there are a few considerations to consider when shopping around for a new business phone system.

Call Routing

These days, customer service has become increasingly important. With so many companies moving to chatbots and auto-replies on emails, it’s critical that any person-to-person interaction your customers have with you is positive. Call routing can be an important part of this as it allows you to quickly route your inbound phone calls to a team member or department that is able to assist. Ensuring your phone system runs smoothly is necessary for setting up business phone systems.

Recording Calls

The majority of businesses record their calls these days. It isn’t just helpful for resolving legal issues, it can even provide utility for training reasons. Plus, it makes it more likely that your staff is able to share knowledge with one another. Instead of taking diligent notes and ensuring they get passed along, just send someone a recording of the call and they can go from there. You can also review those calls and use the feedback to inform operations going forward.

Cloud Access

Everyone is on the move these days, and that’s why it’s so important to stay connected. That means a mobile app for remote access to give you all the flexibility you need. You or your employees may not always have a PC at hand, but just about everyone has a phone these days. This empowers your employees to be as productive as possible and get their work done in a way that makes sense for them.

Smart Dashboard

Integrating a smart dashboard into your business phone system gives you the optimal big picture of what’s going on with your call system. It can tell you how many calls you’re getting, how many are getting answered and how quickly it takes, how many agents you have, and so much more. Getting all that info from a glance can inform your communication strategy from there.

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