Improve Your Business With These VOIP Phone Features

For many businesses, the phone is a lifeline of communication. This is why most businesses today have traded a traditional phone system for a VoIP phone or Voice over Internet Protocol phone, which is a phone system that converts voice to a digital signal to take advantage of computer and internet technology. VoIP systems offer many unique and useful features that can help to make your business run more smoothly and efficiently and improve your business communications. 

Call Analytics

Access to call analytics reporting is one of the biggest benefits of a VoIP phone system. The system can monitor call analytics and help you monitor performance on an individual and collective level. You can also track customer satisfaction. Your VoIP phone system can supply lots of information to you, including average call time, average wait time, number of callbacks, number of unanswered or abandoned calls. 

Call Routing

You can establish rules for inbound calling and route calls automatically where they need to go with your VoIP phones. This is a great way to ensure that the most pressing issues are directed to a live person first. These routing rules can be based on caller ID number, caller response on an IVR system, or other factors. It is a great tool for sorting calls so that everyone is taken care of as effectively as possible. 

Call Recording

Call recording is a great way to ensure quality customer service and maintain an accurate record of every single call. You can use these recordings to determine who needs additional training or to settle any disputes that may arise with customers. 

Call Queuing

If your business receives many calls at the same time, a call queuing feature will be very important. Without it, calls could go unanswered entirely, which could cost you a customer. Queuing keeps the calls in order so that everyone receives service as your agents become available. 

Interactive Voice Response

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is a system that allows callers to use their voice to interact with your menu system. The system can also be set up to allow callers to perform certain tasks without waiting for an agent. For example, callers could set up a payment or request an appointment through an automated menu. This can make some callers very happy since they can efficiently handle the issue on their own. It also can free up agent time and decrease call-and-wait durations. 

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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