Benefits of Using a Scalable Business Phone System

Think about your onboarding process at your business. Hopefully, it’s as simple as adding new employees into your systems, giving them some keys, and going from there. It’d be counterproductive if you had to replace your system every time you expanded the number of employees you had. Instead, you want something that scales with you, as every business is aiming to grow. Scalable business phone systems allow you to add new phones without taking apart your old system. If you’re looking for the right business phone system for your needs, consider one that is scalable and all the benefits that would come with it.

Growing Into Your Business Phone System

As the name implies, the biggest benefit is that you can add new employees easily. Adding new locations also becomes easier. A hosted VoIP system allows you to “plug and play” with new handsets, and that’s as easy as can be. That’s one less headache for you when it comes to your IT team and onboarding new employees. It’s also one less expense that will hurt your bottom line.

Adapting to Seasons

Many industries have different capacities during different seasons. A lot of sectors ramp up around certain times of the year, which means that you need a business phone system that can be flexible enough for you. Non-scalable systems will force you to buy a system that handles all of your largest needs, all the time. That can be a big investment—and plenty of unnecessary, bulky software or hardware that comes with it—that isn’t necessary.

Remote Working

With all the talk of remote work these days, it’s important to consider how your phone system can play a part in that. Scalable communication is a necessity if you’re going to have remote workers. This makes it simple, cheap, and easy to add new workers, whether they’re brand new employees or just making the transition to remote work. This allows employees to access all of the features they need, even when they’re not physically present.

Easier Costs

By having a system this flexible, you can better know what your costs are going to be. All you need to know is what your capacity and needs will be at any given moment, which is something you can easily forecast. However, a non-scalable system doesn’t have that benefit: you may not know how big your system is going to be in five years, so you could buy something that’s either too small and limited or too big and burdensome.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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