Cloud Call Center Versus On-Premise Call Center

Whether you’re evaluating your call center’s efficiency or thinking of upgrading key pieces of equipment, understanding the differences between a cloud call center and an on-premise call center is essential. Knowing the difference can help you come to more accurate conclusions about your business and equipment. Let us examine some key differences between cloud call centers and on-premise call centers.

What Are They?

A cloud call center is a combination of hardware and software hosted by a business server. Typically your employees can remotely connect to this server and provide customer service and communications. Due to the digitized and remote nature of the call center, interacting with customers, managing data, and providing communications are handled through the internet. Cloud call centers are often a natural successor to on-premise call centers for businesses that are growing in digital terms. 

On the other hand, on-premise call centers are exactly what they sound like. Hardware, software, and even employees are required to be on-site at the call center’s location to work. These call centers are more traditional and require upgrades every few years which becomes quite costly. Finally, having an IT support team on-site is typical of these call centers.

Which Is Best?

No one solution is always going to be the best for all situations. However, cloud call centers do offer a host of useful features and advantages for businesses. Cloud call centers negate the cost for having an IT support team on standby because the cloud provider will have their own IT team. Customer communications are able to be handled on a much larger scale with a much higher quality of experience. Lastly, new technologies and features will improve the scalability and flexibility of your business. 

However, there are some benefits to on-premise call centers. These mostly revolve around security and control of data. With on-premise call centers, your customers trust that their data never leaves your hands and stays securely stored on-site. Transferring data to a cloud-based system that potentially has security flaws is undesired for all parties involved. On-premise call centers have more control over the function and use of their equipment.

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