How Structured Cabling is Beneficial to Businesses

Almost all businesses have a technical aspect and can involve servers or mechanical closets. That being said, structured cabling is crucial to any technical closet or setup. Structured cabling is infrastructure that supports the cabling of an organization’s technical systems or network and is considered a staple in modern data and telecommunication providers. The importance of organized cabling can not be understated. Let’s look into a few reasons why structured cabling can be beneficial to your business.

Investment For the Future

Without a doubt, the most significant advantage of structured cabling is the idea that it is future-proof. That is to say, no matter what technical upgrades or modifications your business undergoes, structured cabling is the perfect way to make sure those additions or transitions go smoothly. With the state of competitive companies nowadays this is a very common thing to have happen when you need to scale up your IT systems. In fact, investing in cable management helps your IT system stay ahead of the curve and support emerging IT trends.


Despite a potential cost upfront, the cost benefits of structured cabling often mean you save money in the long run. Got a new server to install? Or perhaps need to replace one? If you have structured cabling, you can cut the labor hours needed to remove the old, and then install the new device. Otherwise, the added labor hours required to undo bad cable management, or figure out what is connected to what, may run your company upwards of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Reduced Downtime

Having organized technical equipment through good cable management overall directly correlates to faster fixes, repairs, and updates requiring equipment to be off. If a cable goes bad, it could take your IT staff hours to find and track the particular cable, and then replace it. That’s hours of your equipment being offline; if you run an online business, you are not getting hours of revenue. Whereas if structured cabling has been implemented, your IT staff can cut out the first two steps and skip straight to the replacement of the cable.

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