Best Features on Cloud Phone Systems

Delivering your business’s phone service through the internet has its benefits. With these cloud phone systems come the unique tools and features enabled by your phone system’s connectivity with your wireless network. You and your employees can take advantage of these items to expand your business capabilities or improve productivity. What are the features you should be looking for in cloud phone systems, and how can it bring value to your business operations?

Find Me, Follow Me

Cloud phone systems make it abundantly easy to connect multiple devices in various locations to ring at the same number. This way, the “find me, follow me” feature allows users to answer calls from the office or home, with their desk phones or a personal smartphone. This ensures employees hardly ever miss a call and can be a call away whenever they’re traveling with their devices. Contacts need only to call a single office phone number to get connected with the user.

Voicemail to Text

On the surface, this feature seems far too simple to provide any real value, but in fact, voicemail to text can save users tons of time. Instead of listening to recorded voicemails over and over again when workers need to recall some important piece of the message, they can instead quickly read over the transcripted message. Having a text version of client, coworker, or customer voicemails being sent to your inbox means workers can review messages faster, and can make sharing pertinent information easier.

Click to Call

Especially helpful for contact centers or employees looking to provide quick service to potential clients, the click to call feature blends a company’s website with cloud phone systems. Customers can click on your company’s phone number on the web or web-enabled app to immediately connect their device into a call with your business. This next-level convenience and accessibility help drive more leads to your business.

Drag and Drop Call Flow

Managing how phone calls get routed and voice prompts get set up used to mean relying on IT or phone system professionals to sort it out for you. Now, cloud phone systems let the business take control of these vital steps with the easy-to-use drag and drop platform. Companies can use a simple web interface to control multiple aspects of their internet-connected phone system. Companies can dictate new call routes, reassign extension numbers, set up incoming customer call menus, and more with the drag and drop set up (also called click and drag).

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