Telecommunications Carrier Red Flags

Using the right telecommunications services supports your operations and furthers your business growth. It stands to reason that the telecommunications carrier which your company relies on should be as invested in your business’s success as you are. Otherwise, you could run into significant problems that hinder your employees and your company. When you partner with a telecommunications carrier, look out for these red flags in their service. 

Limited Flexibility

When you enter into a contract with your telecommunications carrier, there are sure to be some commitment stipulations. What’s unacceptable is some carriers will take advantage of this point and invoke higher fees or sub-par service without the threat of the company leaving. Some carriers may only offer extended-term contractions, which can also trap a company into dissatisfied service for several years.

Minimum-Annual-Revenue Commitments

Minimum-annual-revenue commitments, or MARC, understandably guarantee your telecommunications carrier to receive revenue during the tie they provide your company with their services. However, today’s competition is increasingly eliminating the need for MARC. If your company requires MARCs that are too expensive, or too picky about which services need to be used (voice, data, equipment, etc.), then you may need to reconsider your carrier.

Overlooking Service and Maintenance

Providing your workplace with the equipment and setting things up for your phone system or wireless network is not enough. The carrier should be guaranteeing you — their customer — that your voice and data needs are met to at least an acceptable standard. This means they should not be skimping out of regular efforts to inspect and update your systems. Further, your carrier should not deny you the ability to upgrade your technology for newer models and services that they offer without penalties, especially if you were to buy these upgrades from the same carrier anyways. Keeping your business locked into obsolete devices limits your business potential. 

Poor Communication with Account

Lastly, even if you are relatively satisfied with your telecommunications services’ performance at your company, it may not be worth it if you find their efforts of supporting customer-satisfaction is low. If your company runs into any issues and needs immediate assistance from a carrier representative, are you getting the quality help you need quickly enough? If you have questions about your account, from troubleshooting your equipment to concerns about billing, can your telecommunications carrier resolve these problems for you to an acceptable degree?

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