6 Ways to Make Your Next Conference Call Smoother

Conference calls are a must in the modern business world and one of the best ways to communicate with employees and clients located anywhere in the world. However, conference calls don’t always run smoothly as planned. Here are six of our best strategies to make your next conference call smoother.

Take the Time for Introductions

You might assume that everyone speaking is familiar with one another, but don’t ever skip over introductions when chatting on the phone. As you enter the conference call, state your full name so that when you’re announced everyone knows who is listening in.

Be on Time

One of the most common business tips in any industry for any occasion is showing up on time. Just like you wouldn’t be late to an in-person meeting, never show up late to a conference call. Everyone else on the call has other things to do as well, so honor their time and respect for your time by being punctual.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mute

If you aren’t speaking on the conference call, always hit the mute button. Loud offices, chewing gum, and even taking sips of coffee can all be annoyances and distractions during a packed conference call. Just like you don’t want to hear someone else’s lunch, nobody wants to hear yours.

Avoid Bad Areas

If you know that you will need to speak a lot during the conference call, making the mute button not an option, don’t call from a loud or busy place. Ensure you’re in a spot with good call reception so that everyone can hear you clearly.

Keep the Call on Track

Take keeping the call on track as your core responsibility if you are the leader and don’t let conversations veer off topic. Prepare an agenda in advance and stick to it throughout the duration of the call.

Take Notes

Be sure to take notes during the call, especially if it is going to be lengthy. Beyond note taking, take the time to listen to the call recording and type up formal notes after the fact to send to everyone involved.

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