5 Tips to Help Secure Your Company’s Wireless Network

How did we live and work before wireless networks? Chances are, the wireless network in your office has totally transformed the way that you and your employees work and do business. While using a wireless network is easier than ever, hacking into an unsecured wireless network is also easier than ever. Here are five of our top tips for securing your company’s wireless network.

Change the Default Password

If your wireless router still has the default password that came with it, change it right away and notify employees of the new password. Default passwords for most network equipment vendors are easily searched, putting your security at risk.

Use WPA2 Encryption

Since you can’t control where your Wi-Fi signal ends up, it’s important to encrypt it to stop neighbors or even people in the parking lot from accessing your Wi-Fi and potentially spying on your activities. WPA2 encryption is the best option available today when it comes to keeping your connection protected.

Use a Tricky Password

It’s tempting to pick a password that is easy to remember so that you don’t have to click the “forgot my password” button, but it’s more important to choose a very secure password. Industry experts recommend that businesses use at least a 25 character password when securing their wireless network.

Disable WPS

Does your wireless router have Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) enabled? This is a user-friendly way for people to add devices to a wireless network, but it could be vulnerable to brute force hacking attempts by a malicious person. Most hackers can crack this 8-digit pin in 4-10 hours of automated effort.

Set Up a Guest Network

A guest network is a great way to provide Wi-Fi for visitors and friends without opening your network up to everyone. Keep the password only known by employees or IT staff and let everyone else use the secured (but much less secure) guest network.

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