Wired Internet is Better for Your Small Business

Delta Intellicom Wired Internet
Wi-fi is amazing, but wired internet comes with many benefits that can increase the productivity of your business.

As a small business owner (or not so small business), you have a lot of heavy decisions weighing on you. While you likely have staff, employees, co-owners, managers, or others on your team who can help with your decisions, ultimately, you have the final say. In those cases, the weight of the choice can sometimes make the decision feel impossible. In some cases, however, with some proper research and consultation with experts, the decision almost makes itself. The choice between wireless and wired internet for your small business should be the latter type of decision – read on to learn why wired internet is the best choice.

Speed and Productivity

Internet speed is key for keeping employee productivity up. Simply having your workflow slowed down by the (lack of) speed of your internet can cost the average business hours of productivity a year. On top of that, an employee who has to sit and wait for something to load is more likely to get distracted and lose focus on their task while waiting. Between the two connections, wired internet is consistently faster. 

Volume of Users

Once you have set up your small business network, you need to be able to trust that the volume of users won’t bog it down or crash it. Switching to a wireless network makes it really easy to connect all of your devices in the office, from smart TV to outlets, as well as computers, phones, tablets, and more. Once all of those devices start logging on and pulling data, your speed is going to stall. The computers that you really need to be connected and running fast should always be hard-wired in for the best speed. A hard-wired system is a faster system and a more efficient office.

More Technology in the Way

A wireless network also has more tech that can go bad and get in the way of your workflow. If your wireless router goes up or starts acting buggy, anything on the wireless network will have trouble connecting. This won’t happen with a wired internet connection. 

Security Concerns

Cybersecurity and protecting your business data has to be a top concern for your business, regardless of your industry. A wireless network can certainly be secure, but it will never be as secure as a strictly wired network. 

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