Why You Should Invest In Fiber Internet Connectivity In 2019

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the cables that supply their internet. Most people rely on broadband supplied through traditional copper cable, but that isn’t the only option (and no, we’re not referring to wifi). A newer technology that many businesses are adopting is fiber optic internet installation. Fiber connectivity is new, but for many, it is proving to be a cost-effective solution.

Internet Speed

Research shows that slow internet connections can decrease worker productivity an equivalent of one week each year. This relationship is only going to get stronger as more and more of our business data is stored in the cloud. With 82% of businesses using the cloud for their data and CRM tools, slow internet will continue to hinder productivity. In short, faster internet will mean you and your employees get more done. And fiber connectivity is many times faster than anything on copper cable, with speeds as high as 100Gbps.


Fiberoptic cable is stronger than copper cabling, and won’t be hindered by things like the weather conditions outside or electrical interference from heavy machinery. In fact, short of physically cutting the cable, nothing should disrupt the signal reaching your business through fiber connectivity. And since the only way to get to the signal is to cut the cord (which disrupts the signal) that means that fiber cables are more secure, since they also aren’t susceptible to the signal tapping methods that copper cable is.


Fiberoptic cables offer significantly higher bandwidth than traditional copper cable., so your business should not see any slowdown accompanying increased use.  If you routinely max out your bandwidth with your current system, fiber connectivity could solve this issue.

Signal Strength

Traditional broadband signal degrades the further you move away from the switch. This means that if you have a big office, you need to use relay switches or your employees who are at the far end have to live with poor signal and performance. The signal doesn’t degrade nearly as much on fiberoptic cable, so even very large offices should have no noticeable signal strength decrease.

Symmetric Speed

Most DSL and Ethernet service providers will argue that upload speeds aren’t as important as download speeds, but this just isn’t true anymore. The way we are using the internet is changing; how fast we can send data out is just as important as how fast it comes in. We need to be able to pull data from our cloud storage while also sending data out via VoIP or cloud-based phone system. Symmetric speed, or equal upload and download speeds, is easy to achieve with fiberoptic cabling.

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