Which Businesses Need VoIP?

All businesses need reliable coworker-to-coworker and employee-to-customer communication to succeed. With Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, companies that have switched to this phone service can count on better call quality, reduced phone costs, and additional features. Some operations can benefit more than others if they use VoIP and work with an excellent provider. See our listed business types that need to make the switch to a VoIP system!

Customer Service

To start this list off, let’s acknowledge that most businesses in any industry have a customer service department. Customer service centers or call centers receive customer calls to resolve issues, so your ability to communicate with customers is paramount to their experience interacting with your business. VoIP uses high-speed digital networking to automatically route incoming calls to free representatives, reducing annoying wait time for customers. 


E-commerce businesses already conduct much of their operations online, so connectivity to the Internet is an inherent aspect. Their telecommunications should reflect that as well. High-quality and high-speed VoIP services make their customer relationship management efforts come together easily. Representatives can pull up order history or shipping status quickly. Call conversations can be recorded and referred back to for monitoring service quality, training others, or verifying customer claims.


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities use VoIP to provide more immediate attention and care. With call menu options, patients can quickly get routed to the appropriate department or service, such as scheduling appointments or finding information on medical bills. Integration with other wireless systems like health records makes servicing patient calls faster and more accurate.


Hospitality industries know the importance of providing impeccable customer experience. Several of the features mentioned in other industries listed already contribute to this level of customer service. An additional feature that VoIP systems offer is playing on-hold music when there is a particularly high-volume of callers, and all representatives are busy. The on-hold music holds the customer’s attention and can be customized into a marketing message.


Small businesses can benefit from VoIP services, but it is absolutely indispensable to large corporations. Especially if business operations take place all over the world, internet-based communications can help reduce international call expenditure. Further, other communication features and capabilities are possible to keep different offices and teams connected, like video conferencing.

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