What’s Impacting Your VoIP Call Quality?

When you set up your business with a hosted phone solution, you expect the VoIP call quality to reflect your operation’s reliability. On occasion, you and your employees may notice a minor or significant drop in your VoIP call quality. While the situation is not as dire as complete phone system downtime, these reduced call qualities can negatively impact your business in other ways. Your initial reaction may be to blame your telecommunications provider for the sub-par service. In reality, there can be other issues with your internet connectivity that could impact your VoIP call quality.

Poor Internet Connection

As one can infer, if the internet connection is weak, then the “voice over Internet protocol” system is working in less-than-ideal circumstances. Most businesses that make the switch over to VoIP phones can forget to upgrade their internet services. The current internet service provider may support your business operations but have little bandwidth left over to produce good VoIP call quality. Therefore, the straightforward solution to poor internet connectivity is to make sure your business has high-speed service to support all of your phone lines.


Poor VoIP call quality doesn’t have to sound like choppy static or calls dropping at random points of a conversation. Delays in what one person is speaking and the other receiving or hearing the message is also considered a sign of reduced call quality. This is what’s known as latency. Latency makes it frustrating, if not impossible, to carry out a productive phone conversation. It can cause miscommunication among coworkers. Moreover, it leaves a bad impression on customers and clients.


Jitter is a common problem that businesses with poor internet connectivity can also face. Reduced internet performance interferes with the packet of voice data being transmitted over the network. When relayed to the other end, the message can sound out of order. Jitter buffers can help combat this problem. It can be a device or software that temporarily stores the packets of voice data and ensures the pieces are in order before playing to the message receiver. 

Misconfigured Network

Handling both your business voice and data needs over one network can be helpful, but you must configure your network accordingly. Make sure your system prioritizes VoIP traffic, which in turn prioritizes VoIP call quality. Similarly, configure your router this way to allow for better and faster VoIP communication.

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