Ways to Improve VoIP Call Quality

One of the biggest concerns that most small businesses have about converting their customer service lines to VoIP is call quality. Many people have memories of the past when internet connections were slower and drastically lower in quality, so they have concerns about current capabilities. While today’s VoIP is nothing like the VoIP of the past, there are still several simple things that you can do to ensure crystal clear call quality for your customer service lines.

Eliminate Jitters

VoIP phone systems deliver the voice information in small packets, that need to be evenly spaced and consistently delivered to make any sense to the end user. Different network issues can cause the information to be scrambled or delivered unevenly, which makes the call sound jittery. Depending on how bad your VoIP phone lines are scrambled, there are a couple different solutions. Minor jitter can be solved by switching out Ethernet cables with Category 6 cables. Category 6 cables take information to the source much more quickly, which reduces the chance of it being scrambled in transit. If there is a bigger jitter problem, install a jitter buffer that will store and organize the packets as they’re sent to ensure smooth transmission.

Use New Headsets

The microphone and earphones you are using have a huge impact on VoIP call quality. If you make most of your calls via headset but are using old and outdated equipment, your results won’t be all that impressive. Instead, purchase nicer and higher-quality headsets. You’ll be able to hear the difference, and your customer service line callers will be able to as well. The best headsets for VoIP have short and insulated cords.

Lower Bandwidth Use

One additional problem many small business VoIP users have is overloaded bandwidth leading to poor call quality. Practice eliminating simultaneous calls, whenever possible, or stopping downloads when you are using the VoIP. The best solution is often to pay a little more and raise the bandwidth, depending on how many customer service calls you get in a day.

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