Voice Data Storage for Business Call Recording

It is quickly becoming abundantly clear that recording business calls can be a useful tool. Call recording allows you to go back and parse through huge amounts of information, which has only gotten easier and more sophisticated as the technology has developed. People used actual backup tapes back in the day, but we all know the drawbacks of physical tapes, which is why so many have switched to storing their business recordings on the cloud. If you’ve got your mind set on business call recording but aren’t sure where to start storing those recordings, we have the rundown for you.

Know Your Needs

Every business is different. Some may be subject to specific regulations depending on what industry they are in, where specific laws may dictate what security requirements are in place to store any call data or how long you can retain those files. Don’t forget that you need to do the legwork to figure out how regulated your specific industry is. There are fast-track providers who can keep everything compliant and work within your particular workflow to find something that suits your needs.

Keep it Organized

A cloud-based solution may be ideal for keeping every call recording in its place. That organizational advantage can be huge when you’re trying to find what you need when you need it. When looking at call recording platforms, make sure that metadata is stored alongside audio files, which can help you sort through all those files. To find a good provider for this kind of service, you may want to start with reputable VoIP services and support teams, which often have call recording offerings as well.


If information security risks are a thought you’re concerned with, consider encrypting those audio files. Some industries may even require some level encryption, like encrypting data that is in transit or at rest. Even if your industry isn’t legally obligated to do so, it may still be wise. Keeping recordings encrypted before they end up on the cloud helps protect yourself in the long run.

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