Tips for Introducing New Office Technology

The implementing of new technology in the workplace can be a daunting task. You’re dealing with a wide range of people from many different backgrounds. Many older employees in office settings didn’t grow up with the advanced technology that we see today which presents a large learning curve issue. Other younger, millennial employees have grown up with technology, and generally understand its use across multiple platforms. For them, learning new technology is a breeze. So how do you introduce new office technology effectively when dealing with a diverse group of people?

Make Sure you Brief Everyone

All employees should know weeks before implementation that new office technology is going to be introduced on a specific date. Don’t leave them in the dark and expect them to be comfortable with a complete reorganization of the job they do everyday. You need to prepare yourself for this technology and so does your staff. Send out an announcement, whether via email, or by scheduling a meeting. Make sure your staff is prepped and ready to go.

Show Employees How Office Technology Will Positively Affect Their Work

Showing your employees how this new technology will increase functionality at work will motivate them to use it everyday. If you interview stakeholders, allowing them to brief you on how new office technology will help your business, communicating that to your staff will be much easier. Everyone wants to work in an office where moral is high, and positivism is on everyone’s faces. To ensure this be sure to do your research! Have your staff discover, alongside you, how office technology will make their lives easier.

Have Employees Test New Office Technology

To understand how well new office technology is effecting your company, have your employees test it out and then give you feedback will improve productivity. This will also help you determine how you can tweak any complications with how the office technology helps everyone. Accepting employee feedback shows respect for your staff as well. You’re showing them that you trust their opinions, and have an admiration for the work they do on a daily basis.

Consider Learning Styles

Everyone has their own learning curve. Some must physically use the office technology many times before feeling comfortable with it. Others learn quickly from being exposed to something similar in their past. Many employees need to learn from trial and error when operating new systems. Respecting everyone’s learning styles will keep everyone comfortable when implementing new office technologies into their lives. Tailoring training sessions to all types of learners, and leaving the floor open to any questions will keep staff engaged and performance high.

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