The Millennial Generation and Technology

According to the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, approximately 50 percent of the global workforce will be made up of the millennial generation by 2020. Unlike generations before them, millennials have a different take on workplace technology and how to best utilize their time and experience to make the most of their working day. To maximize your growing millennial workforce, the key theme is unified communications, especially with regard to telecommunications and technology.

The millennial generation want access to knowledge, data, and information and they want to be able to retrieve it anywhere. By adjusting your workplace technology to provide the access the millennial generation crave, you can create a more productive workplace environment. Remember: while baby boomers grew up with television, millennials grew up with the internet, computers, wi-fi, and social media. Immediate access has been an ongoing theme, and providing millennials with immediate access will contribute to your office’s productivity.

Additionally, thanks to new workplace technology especially when it comes to telecommunications, one can work anywhere. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets allow employees to stay engaged and connected round the clock. Tools such as instant messaging and click-to-call ensure that millennials have access to communications of all sorts anywhere, at any time.

In fact, studies have shown that millennials prefer to work from home some days of the week, or work from anywhere – and they’re not alone. Most workers at large – millennials, generation X’ers or baby boomers would prefer a flexible work environment to improve the quality of their lives. Using workplace technology and telecommunications to allow employees to work from anywhere can lead to greater job performance and quality of work output.

Taking a page from the millennial handbook of work smarter, not harder, companies should be thinking about how to adapt their workplace technology and telecommunications strategy to get the most out of their employees. Delta Intellicom can help lead your company into a new generation of productivity and output.

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