The Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

In today’s tough and competitive economy, business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their business to keep staff and clients happy. Between new policies and new benefits, business owners are trying their best to implement ways to keep morale up along with the profits of the business. One way for businesses to improve is through video conferencing. While video conferencing may not seem like the most professional way to conduct business, it can actually hold several benefits for businesses and business owners.

  • Staff Communication- Several studies have shown that about 80 percent of working Americans would like the option to telecommute to work. Employees that have children, are caring for an older relative, or are faced with move can benefit from video conferencing. Video conferencing allows team members to connect with each other at any time. Staff members are able to work from home when needed without the stress of missing something at the office. Video conferencing also allows teams that work in different office spaces to communicate more often and more effectively.
  • Saving Money- In today’s economy, many know that the cost of traveling is climbing higher and higher. Video conferencing allows your business to save money on traveling to put towards other projects within the office. Video conferencing also keeps staff members in the office, which can help increase overall productivity.
  • Balanced Life- Constant travel between office spaces and meetings with clients can easily burn out team members, including the business owner! Video conferencing allows you to maintain a healthy life balance without becoming overworked and no longer focused on your business.
  • Connection- Video conferencing allows you to maintain a personal connection with staff and clients without the need to travel. Seeing a person’s body language and facial expression while talking allows you to still connect with them without the need to travel.

At Delta Intellicom, we specialize in the latest telecommunication technology to bring video conferencing to your business. For over two decades, we have provided the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia areas with the latest products and systems from top brands like Shortel and Avaya. We understand the benefits that video conferencing can bring to your business, so let us help you choose the system and products that are best for your business.

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