Small Businesses Can Benefit From Using eFax

Is your small to medium-sized business taking advantage of eFax? If not, you’re missing out on some great benefits of using this technology in your workplace! Despite the common misconception of sending faxes to be an outdated form of communication, faxing still plays an essential role in many small businesses. As such, a new technology emerged to improve upon the core functions of faxing and turned it into eFax. Keep reading to find out how eFax is an effective alternative to traditional faxing for small businesses. 

Lower Expenses

Any seemingly small cost tends to add up and is more noticeable by small businesses. Your faxing-related expenses are no exception. There are costs to consider pertaining to the physical machines, maintenance and repairs, toner and fax paper, and electricity to power the machine. Not to mention, staff productivity can be another incurred cost of using traditional fax machines. You can streamline these costs and processes to send and receive faxes by switching over to a hosted, cloud-based eFax solution.

Scalable Solution

Small businesses may see themselves as small, but the goal of any company is always to grow. You want to use solutions that can readily scale with the growth of your business needs. Since eFax services are vastly conducted online, it’s a straightforward process to add more fax numbers to your company account while remaining very cost-effective.

Integrate Existing Devices

The start-up costs of using eFax in your small business workplace are low. In fact, you can further limit how much you need to spend by integrating eFax functions and capabilities with your office’s existing multifunctional devices. Your all-in-one machines that act as scanners, copiers, and printers can be connected to your eFax software, thus eliminating the need to acquire dedicated fax machines.

Uphold Document and Data Security

All companies, not just small businesses, are profoundly concerned with their document and data security. Having leaked business information could damage their bottom line, but it could also pose a considerable liability in cases of violating regulatory compliance. Sending business data and documents where it needs to go is crucial to operations, as is protecting customers’ privacy and securing one’s business information. Using eFax encrypts transmissions and even gives the user the option to password-protect documents.

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