Small Business Phone Systems: What You Need to Know

Telecommunication capabilities are an essential part of business operations, especially for small businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a phone system and maintaining the right communication solutions for your business.

Flexible Accessibility

Small business owners and representatives are constantly on the go. They attend meetings, conferences, and other types of proposal meetings to further the message of their brand, products, and services. With that said, it’s essential that your phone system provides a great level of flexible accessibility and mobile features while you’re out of the office. This should even include the ability to answer and host video conferences on mobile devices.

Uninterrupted Service

Weather and nature are two factors that we’ll never be able to control. We can, however, control our preparedness for various weather events that have the potential to disrupt our business operations. Strong winds can knock over phone and power lines or knock out power for unforeseen periods of time. Your phone system for your small business must provide options that allow you to keep your phone lines live and open. That may feature an app that will allow you to maintain telecommunications even during various weather events.  

Cost Efficiency

Many VoIP and other phone system options, including cloud-based systems use a subscription model through which you will have access to various features that align with the goals and needs of your small business. Therefore, the cost of these features and subscriptions should be a top consideration when choosing a phone system.


Small business operations are all about prioritizing time and tasks. With small teams or even departments of one, it’s essential that most of the time spent at work is being used efficiently, to handle customer-related or other business-related duties. Having to spend time doing phone system maintenance could derail your daily goals that you’ve set to achieve. With that in mind, ensure that the phone system you install for your small business is simple and effective. Do a fair amount of research into how simple or difficult the system is to install and maintain. Is there customer service that will be available to answer your questions and address any needs that may surface? Ensure that you have a full understanding of what the system requires and, for the future growth of your business, that it will be adaptable enough to take on the growth that your business will see.  

Delta Intellicom for Your Business Phone Needs

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