Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems are critical cornerstones of any business. If you’re growing frustrated with your existing telecommunications systems in your business, you’re not alone. Many companies are shifting to digital phone systems to accommodate the rapidly changing modern workplace. Here are a few signs you may need to start thinking seriously about upgrading your existing phone systems. 

You’re Outgrowing Your Business Phone Systems

Are you adding more team members, a new location, or adding a call center to your company? Any quickly growing business knows the need for more phone lines to help as many clients as possible. Traditional phone systems typically have capped capacity, including phone lines and fax machines. If you’ve already reached your capacity, you will most likely need to purchase more ports to expand your phone network. Adding ports isn’t as simple as letting your telecommunications company know that you need more lines. It can come with expensive hardware installations with lead times, meaning you may have to plan weeks or months for any future growth. 

Your Business Phone System Isn’t Supported 

When were your phone systems installed? If you can’t remember, there’s a good chance that your existing telecommunications systems aren’t supported anymore. Although many high-quality solutions can last decades, an older system that’s no longer manufactured, an outage, or hardware failure will mean you may need expensive replacement parts that may not be readily available anymore. 

You Need More From Your Phone Systems

Many companies have full or partially remote employees or team members who travel more often. This may mean traditional business phone systems just don’t have the right features for your evolving team. Retrofitting teleconferencing solutions for your existing phone systems may be expensive and challenging to implement. Upgrading your system to a VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is an easy way to adapt to wherever your team is, whether on-site, remote, or on the road. 

Complete Telecommunications Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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