Reducing the Costs of Phone System Repair

When researching new phone systems, many companies raise concerns about costs and repair. A new, shiny set of telephones and headsets seems great until things start breaking. The best way to reduce the cost and hassle involved in phone system repair is to install a system that is the right fit for your needs and technical capabilities. Starting off with a robust telecommunication system can set your business up for success. Here are three strategies to decrease the cost and inconvenience involved in phone system repair.

Consider the Unified Communications Concept

Some telecommunications services providers and customers are moving towards a concept called “unified communications.” The idea behind this term is that voice, video, and text-based communications are all carried over one centralized network. This is becoming even more popular with the rise of VoIP and other related services and technologies. When your company strives for unified communications, your IT department can often troubleshoot problems and make repairs with much greater ease. With unified communications, security can be standardized for all communication methods. Also, IT professionals only need to become experts in a single system to ensure that your communication channels remain open.

Utilize Robust Power Solutions

Many phone systems can actually sustain damage when they lose access to power. Having a backup power supply ready can help prevent this damage. Consider installing a backup battery or generator that can seamlessly take over in the event of a power outage. Another way to reduce costs is to use Power over Ethernet, or POE. POE reduces upfront wiring costs by using Ethernet outlets to supply power, and POE devices often use less battery power than traditional equipment. Although the upfront cost for POE-compatible devices can be more expensive, the technology is often worth the price in the long run.

Move Towards Self-Reliance

The best way to reduce the cost of phone system repair is to ensure that your in-house IT professionals are trained and equipped to manage and repair your systems. On-site solutions like PBX can minimize your company’s dependence on outside service providers to place calls and make repairs. The experts at Delta Intellicom can help you choose and install the technology you need to create a reliable phone system. Contact us today to learn more!

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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