Preparing Your New Office for Voice and Data Systems

Is your business outgrowing its existing office space, or are you thinking of relocation? Your mind is probably thinking of a million different things at once! You want this move to go perfectly. In addition to other items, you’ll almost certainly be moving or adding computer and phone systems when you take the plunge. In fact, it’s surprising just how many people in the business world overlook the logistics of moving their voice and data systems!

Voice and Data Systems Should Be Prioritized

Far from it being the last thing on your mind, you should really make planning out your voice and data systems the first priority. Along with the physical layout, the ceilings, HVAC, and electrical planning, the cabling needed to wire your new office space needs to be planned out in advance. This is especially true if you’re having a new building constructed, as it is much easier and efficient to plan the wiring during the initial stages of construction.

Have a Plan Ready

You should figure out exactly where you need the various voice and data systems hardware so the wiring can be planned in advance. Things like computers, telephones, printers, cash registers, credit card terminals, and speakers will all need to be wired to work. You will also need to determine the optimal speed of your network, as this will determine the grade of cabling that must be used to achieve this speed. Finally, if you’re thinking about using, or are already using, a VoIP phone system, you’ll have to consider and work with the extra data jack that may be required for each phone line.

By having the foresight to think of your voice and data systems when planning out your new office space, you can help your business lose as little downtime as possible!

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