Major Differences Between Traditional Versus Hosted PBX Solution

Here at Delta Intellicom, we like to stress the importance of quality communication. It’s something that so many businesses, even successful ones, seem to forget about, in part because it’s a landscape that’s constantly on the move. One area we see a lot of confusion in is the differences between traditional and hosted PBX solutions. It can be a tough decision to find the right PBX system for you, so it’s important that you’re aware of what the major differences between hosted PBX and traditional PBX really are.

Defining Terms

Let’s work out what these two terms really mean first. A traditional PBX system is on-site, meaning it’s at your actual business location. Communication is done with an IP phone over your LAN line. This requires a business owner to maintain their own servers, do the upkeep for their communication systems, and employ an IT team that can resolve any issues. In contrast, a hosted PBX system is able to do much of this over the cloud through a third party service. They take care of upgrades, security, and maintenance for you.

Investment Costs

An on-premise system is going to require you to purchase all of the hardware and software you’ll need. It also requires the infrastructure and IT systems that can handle whatever you’re going to be installing. This is why it’s more common to see these kinds of systems with larger businesses who can afford the initial investment, whereas smaller businesses can’t take that blow of initial costs. They tend to prefer the “pay as you go” structure of using a hosted PBX solution.

Scaling Your Business

Have new employees that need their own lines? You may need to scale your communications systems alongside your business. Traditional systems require new hardware and an on-site IT team to get this done, whereas cloud systems leave all of that up to whoever you’ve partnered with.

Reliability in Use

You likely can’t afford downtime or lose data. However, there are all kinds of reasons this could happen—from natural disasters to simple accidents. With an on-site system, it may not be tenable to have all the backups you really need. A cloud system can preserve everything for you in the event of an emergency or issue.

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