Introducing New Tech to a Company

There’s a lot that you need to think about when you’re looking to upgrade the technology in your office. Sometimes new tech is complicated and your employees may not grasp how to operate it right away. Whether you’re looking at making the jump to a VoIP system or making any other kinds of new tech improvements to your business phone system, it pays to have a plan through every step of the process.

Doing your Due Diligence

Surely you’re introducing this new tech in the office to fix some sort of problem that you, your employees, or your customers are having. So publicly identify the problem and the reasons why this new technology is the solution to those problems. You may want to solicit ideas from your employees on how these problems could be fixed – not only will this can help you find the best solution but your employees will also feel a sense of ownership that will help when your new tech is introduced.

Making the Plan

You want to minimize work disruption as much as you can so come up with a plan for implementing the new technology into the office. Your employees are the ones most familiar with their own work, so they should also know the best way to do their particular tasks and any workarounds they may need to do as a result of the disruption.

Implementing New Tech

This is perhaps the most important step. New tech often requires installation and setup by a specialist team but having your own team involved with it when possible can help level the learning curve. In an ideal world, training can be incorporated with implementation, since employees who set up their own systems have a clearer understanding how they work.


Once the new tech is implemented, perform an evaluation of it. Check to see if there are any problems, actual or perceived, with it, and make changes to fix the problems. Perceived problems are often caused by false perceptions of the technology and require simple explanations or clarifications most of the time.

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