How to Polish Your Phone Answering Skills

Answering the phone can be difficult. There are days when you just are not feeling well and don’t feel like talking on the phone. It can be hard to be nice on the phone, especially if you view it as a distraction from more important work. Being happy, memorable, and helpful on the phone is a skill that’s developed over time with practice and experience. Here are some healthy phone habits you can put into use now to develop your phone skills.

Practice Deep Breathing

Taking a deep breath before answering the phone is a good way to start a conversation on the right foot. Deep breaths help to oxygenate your brain and lower your stress levels. Deep breathing throughout the day can help you to maintain lower stress levels and feel more relaxed. When you take a deep breath before answering the phone, it helps you to sound immediately more energized and happier.

Practice Your Opening Line

The first thing you say when answering the phone is of the utmost importance. You immediately give the client the crucial information they need, plus you start the conversation right with a good first impression. Your opening line should state the name of the business, your name, and a pleasant “How may I help you?” or “What can we help you with today?” Your opening line helps the client to know they called the right place and to know to whom they are speaking. If a client calls in a bad mood, your cheeriness upon answering the phone can even offset their bad mood and help them to feel more confident that they are going to be given the great service they expect.

Smile When Speaking

As mentioned above, a cheery attitude can ease interactions with an upset client and leave the client with a great impression of the service they received. A happy, human voice on the end of the line is usually more appreciated than an automated phone system. But how do you manage a cheery attitude every single day? Some days it is truly difficult to maintain a chipper demeanor. Even if you don’t feel like it, try smiling when you answer the phone. The client will be able to hear your smile in your voice, and you may even feel happier from smiling yourself.

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