How Contact Centers Can Maintain Quality Service During COVID-19

Contact centers are often a central part of maintaining quality customer service to all patrons. In the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are spending their days online shopping. Usually, this means that if they perceive a problem, they will likely be reaching out to the business’s contact centers rather than going there directly to speak with a representative. In one way, it’s great that contact centers are becoming increasingly important in today’s workplace. However, the more people served per day, the more quickly employees may experience burnout. This can lead to poor quality interactions. So, what are some steps to take to ensure quality customer service is coming from your contact centers? Here are a few tips to think about, especially now during this pandemic. 

Keep it Streamlined

Having a clean, easy-to-use, standardized approach to customer service is the best way to ensure contact centers are consistently delivering the best customer service possible. This can include developing a standardized interaction manual or script for your employees to follow when dealing with customers directly. The importance of streamlining is not only limited to phone-to-phone or net-to-net interactions. However, you must also consider the CRM system itself. A complicated, convoluted CRM system can also increase employee dissatisfaction and burnout and can also extend wait times. Making sure that the software is easy to use is crucial for contact centers. 

Clear Communication

It is a contact centers employee’s job to make sure that they are communicating properly with the customers asking for assistance. However, it’s equally important for their managers to have clear communication with employees, especially in times of increased callers when stressors are high. For example, making sure that staff knows about how to protect customer’s sensitive data or knowing how to answer when a customer asks a very specific question is a key part of being a manager. Making sure your staff is properly trained from the get-go is also very important in maintaining quality relationships with customers. Having employees that are confident in their ability to do their job can increase attentiveness and employee retention rates. 

Clean Up that Data Pile

In 2020 and 2021, the telecommunications industry has undergone some massive changes, and call centers are no exception to that. Therefore, relying on old, antiquated data and reports like years before is just not relevant anymore. Try cleaning out old, archived data after a certain amount of time to keep up with the present day. 

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