How Can My Business Use Power Over Ethernet? 

Although some folks think of Ethernet as old and outdated technology, ethernet cables are being used for more and more high-tech applications. Power over Ethernet (or POE) is continuing to thrive as a method of transmitting data and electricity over the same cable, and there are many different applications for POE in business. From telecommunications and security applications to sales tools and visual displays, power over Ethernet can bring increased functionality to electronics in situations where separate power and data cables would be impractical. Read on to learn more about the uses of power over Ethernet in business and commercial settings. 


Many types of videophones utilize POE to transmit data and power over a single Ethernet cable. This allows videophone users to minimize clutter due to wires and cables. Because power over Ethernet is compatible with use both indoors and outdoors, POE-enabled videophones can be used in offices, drive-through windows, and more. 

Overhead Paging Systems

Overhead paging systems often use power over Ethernet to deliver power and transmit data in difficult-to-reach areas. Because overhead paging systems are frequently installed in ceilings, it is incredibly useful to carry electricity and audio data in a single cable. When overhead paging systems use POE, businesses can avoid hiring an electrician or other contractor to install and wire a new power outlet near the speakers.

Security Cameras

Power over Ethernet is ideal for security cameras. POE is vital for transmitting video data and power because cameras are often installed in hard-to-reach or outdoor areas. Because POE only requires one cable, this can drastically reduce the difficulty of installing security cameras by lessening the cable installation needed.

Digital Signage

Digital signage in restaurants, lobbies, airports, and more often rely on power over Ethernet for their electricity and data. While POE is practical for both indoor and outdoor use, extreme temperatures can sometimes cause issues. For signs that are in extreme cold or heat, Ethernet cables should be kept in the shade or coated with insulation to ensure peak performance.

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