How Can a Hacker Gain Access to My Data? 

Many of us that work in the information technology and telecommunications industries are well aware of the dangers that hacking exposes our systems to. Even those who don’t have some understanding that computer hackers want to gain access to private and important information and use it for many reasons, including identity theft. As important as it is to know what hackers are looking for, we should also be aware of the techniques they use to access our data. Here are some of the known ways computer hackers gain access to our information.


If you’ve ever received an email that encouraged you to click a link to verify your personal information from a bank or some other official entity, then you were the target of a phishing scam. Hackers use this technique by sending out mass emails with this links to gain access to your personal data.  

Buffer Overflow

Online forms are the primary source for hacking through buffer overflow techniques. This means that on certain lines of an online form, the hacker will input a sophisticated code to steal data or gain entry into the system.


Certainly, we’ve all been given lessons about password security and how the more complicated a password is, the better. Password hacking is one of the primary ways hackers gain entry into our data systems. Ensure that all Wi-Fi passwords were changed from the default and that each employee and member of your company uses complicated passwords that use letters, numbers, and special characters. 


Downloading free software leads a hacker directly to your infrastructure. Sometimes we think we’re saving ourselves money and time by using free downloads when they are actually hacker access points. Many of these free downloads are riddled with malware and viruses.

Fault Injection

This complicated hacking technique requires research. It works by infiltrating your source code and attempting various other codes to crash the system. Many companies pay a separate firm to test the security of the system based on different fault injections.  

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