Delta Intellicom

Associates in Cardiology, P.A.

It has been a year and a half since we have purchased our phone system. We are very pleased with the product and I would highly recommend the system and your company to any other offices.

The installation went right on schedule as promised. The very first day we moved to our new suite, as orientation was given by one of your staff. My receptionist quickly became proficient at utilizing the phone system.

I have found all the employees at Delta to be very professional and helpful. I respectfully liked the advanced one-on-one training I received as the administrator of the system. This was extremely helpful in learning the more advanced uses of the phones.

For any busy office with multiple receptionists answering the phone, I would highly recommend the call center features. It allows us to answer the phones in a timely and organized fashion. It also prevents anyone from ignoring the calls as the system routes the phone calls on an equal basis.

I have also found you to be extremely responsive to needs that arose after the initial system needed to be adapted to meet our specific office needs.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and Delta Telephone and Cabling.