Current Telecommunication Trends to Know for 2018

The history of the telecommunications industry can be divided into three eras: the first marked by a wave of communication technology, the second marked by the explosion of the internet, and then the current era characterized by the development of the Cloud. In the current era, all of the trends in telecommunications are impacted by the availability of Cloud computing. Read on for three trends that are changing the telecom industry this year.

Faster Internet

We want our data to move as securely and as quickly as possible, and telecoms are racing each other to keep us up to speed. Where there was 3G in the past, and there currently is 4G/LTE, the telecommunications of tomorrow will be on 5G. Carriers are working on lab tests and field trials to finalize the tech for 5G communications so that our activity on the internet can move faster than ever. While it’s not here yet, the work of building it is being done right now.

Artificial Intelligence

There are multiple ways that the trend towards AI, artificial intelligence, is impacting the telecommunications industry. The first is on the user’s front. More consumers are interacting with AI on a daily basis: from their smartphones that can perform advanced functions through speech commands, to the kitchen counter where Alexa will laugh at your jokes. Telecoms have to be ready for the increased desire for and use of AI by their customers. AI is also impacting things behind the scenes. It is showing up everywhere, from customer service chatbots to self-learning hardware that monitors the networks. AI will only improve as time goes on, so it is a telecom trend that we will see play out for a while.

Internet of Things

What does IoT even mean? It stands for the Internet of Things, which is the term used to describe the interconnection of all of our stuff. Where the internet used only to connect computers, now it connects phones, watches, cars, coffee makers, refrigerators, doorbells, and even scales. All of the things that surround us in our world have the potential to be connected to this new network via the internet. The Internet of Things is an exciting revenue path opening up for telecommunication companies, as they have the opportunity to start providing better connectivity to support all of the new devices, and even providing sales of newly interconnected devices directly.

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