Contact Centers and Call Centers: What’s The Difference?

When we read “Contact Us” or “Call Us,” we can tell immediately that there is a difference. But when it comes to “Contact Centers” or “Call Centers,” we might assume that they are the same thing. However, this is actually not the case at all. The two customer service centers are actually quite different. They are different in how communication is performed. This article will clear up the differences between call and contact centers and determine which is better for your company or business model.

Contact Centers Perform Additional Communication

The main difference that makes contact centers different from call centers is how the communication between customer and associate is formatted. Contact centers generally not only include calls via telephone services but also through internet and text chat, email, and even faxing services if relevant. In today’s day and age, call centers in certain industries are no longer enough to keep up with business demand. Therefore, many companies have transitioned their call centers into contact centers. But there are still some disadvantages that they have as opposed to calling centers. 

Centers of Contact are More Expensive

To keep prices low, companies will sometimes base their contact centers in other countries. This can cause the issue of the language barrier to arise. While it is no one’s fault, this can cause misunderstandings on both client and associate ends, leading to dissatisfaction with the service. In addition, centers often have long wait times due to the overuse of services offered. 

Call Centers Are More Limited, But That’s Not a Bad Thing

As in their name, call centers are solely focused on telephone calls between customer and associate. Call centers often get a bad rap or a negative image, but they are actually very useful in many industries that need lots of outreach, like fraud protection, sales, and consumer research. In fact, many smaller businesses prefer to use call centers instead of contact centers for a more personable approach. But for larger business models, a call center may not be a good option due to its communication limitations. 

The Bottom Line

Contact centers are a great choice for companies willing to integrate many forms of communication, but they can be much more costly, sometimes forcing them to work overseas. Call centers are more specialized and personable to the clients, but they are limited in their offerings. There are pros and cons to each customer service center, but it is entirely up to you to decide which one is truly optimal for your business model. 

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