Common WAN Problems & Solutions

Many businesses continue to work using wide area network systems, but don’t realize the need for IT support. WAN is a commonly found networking system, but with most technology, WAN systems require maintenance and IT support around the clock. Here are some of the commonly found WAN problems and the solutions used by IT support.

  1. Concerns of Security- When there is a question in WAN security, troubleshooting includes anti-malware protection, proxy servers, and intrusion prevention.
  2. Inadequate Application Performance- IT solutions typically include WOC leverage and deploying ADC near the server that is hosting the applications.
  3. Reliability of Applications- Common solutions includes load balancing and utilizing a Layer two or three ADC device.
  4. Bandwidth Insufficiency- There is several ways IT support fixes this common issue. Controllers used for WAN optimization are used to help with data compression and usage reduction to help increase bandwidth sufficiency and overall bandwidth performance.
  5. Reliability of Network- A VPN device is commonly used along with a combination router to help your network stay stable and reliable.
  6. Application Contention- As several applications attempt to use network resources, it’s important for those using a WAN system to place application resource usage in a prioritized list. This will ensure that more important applications are allotted the amount of network resources needed for proper function.

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