Are Ethernet Cables Outdated?

As technology continues to evolve and new products are introduced into the market, it can be difficult for business owners to determine what is needed for their business. While some tried and true systems are still relevant after years of use in the business world, others become quickly replaced with newer, more convenient products. One of the more recent systems that businesses are taking advantage of is wireless internet connections. This connection has eliminated the need for certain wire and cables within the office because computers are able to connect to the internet through a modem. While this has eliminated the immediate need for Ethernet cables, the cables should still be utilized within your business.

It may seem like an inconvenience and an outdated practice to have some computers connected with Ethernet cables; however the cables have proven to be necessary and relevant in the tech world. Ethernet cables provide a direct connection to an internet source. This eliminates the possibility of low connection speeds and disconnection issues when working. While wireless internet is convenient because of its lack of hardware, it can become unreliable should frequencies become disrupted. Any time spent offline due to connection issues is more money being spent by your business due to loss of productivity.

Because of the direct connection to the internet source, Ethernet cables provide fast connection speeds to your desktop or laptop. The cable prevents interruptions from outside signals and frequencies that could cause a lag in wireless connection speeds. A direct connection through Ethernet cables can also eliminate the chances of your business being hacked. Although there are precautions and steps to take in order to secure your wireless internet connection, hackers are still able to access and hack your WEP coding more easily than if you are using Ethernet cables.

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